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BREAK Evolution Revealed for New TCG Expansion

(UPDATE: The official Pokémon Company’s Japanese Twitter account updated with a high-resolution scan of one of their new BREAK evolution cards, which will be linked below.)

A new set of commercials on the Official Japanese Pokemon Youtube channel revealed a brand new game mechanic called “BREAK Evolution” making its debut in the upcoming Japanese TCG expansion, Pokémon Card Game XY BREAK: Blue Shock/Red Flash.

BREAK evolution works similarly to standard evolution, except that it keeps the pre-evo’s attacks, retreat cost, weaknesses, resistences, and abilities in addition to new attacks and abilities granted on the BREAK card. As these new cards are designed horizontally, you simply place the new BREAK cards on top of the portrait of the card it’s evolving from, allowing you to see all your previous evolution’s attacks and abilities in addition to the new bonuses gained from evolving.

You can see for yourself in this Tweet just how these cards are designed:

BREAK evolution cards can be found alongside standard evolution cards, giving you more options for evolving a Pokémon during a match as opposed to outright replacing standard evolution and Mega evolution cards. So far, the following Pokémon are confirmed to be getting a BREAK evolution:

– Chestnaught BREAK
– Noivern BREAK
– Raichu BREAK
– Zoroak BREAK

The release date of the new TCG expansion is releasing September 26 in Japan. The new cards will be contained in Blue Shock and Red Flash booster packs, in addition to new packaged decks dedicated to Raichu BREAK and Noivern BREAK. No word on its release outside of Japan yet.

(Yeesh…I need a break after typing BREAK so many times…)

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Cover Art: Sourced from PokéBeach