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Pokkén Tournament is Coming to Wii U

It’s official: Pokkén Tournament is not only coming to North America, but is also getting a worldwide Wii U console release! During the opening ceremony for the Pokémon World Championships taking place in Boston, Massachusetts, Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara came on stage to present the first official trailer of the worldwide release of Pokkén Tournament. This news comes just a few days after the European trademark was discovered, as reported on other sites including this one here.

The trailer that was shown at the opening ceremony can be seen below:

With the release of this new trailer, a new playable character has been revealed: Pikachu Libre! Based on one of the Cosplay Pikachu forms from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pikachu Libre is her own character separate from original Pikachu and comes with different movesets – like the electrifying Flying Press she uses to crush her opponents as seen in the trailer.

While no exact release date has been announced, a Spring 2016 worldwide release was advertised in the trailer.

Well, after months of speculation and predictions all throughout the Pokémon fanbase, Pokkén Tournament is heading out of Japan.  While I imagine that some people were disappointed with the lack of announcement of a new main-series Pokémon game thus far, this is still good news for both Pokémon fans looking forward to this game, as well as Wii U owners looking to get the most out of their console before the codenamed “NX” takes over.