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New Pokémon BREAKthrough Cards Leaked!

Despite the next Japanese Pokémon TCG expansion “Blue Shock / Red Flash” not even being released in Japan, the English set Pokémon XY: BREAKthrough just got new cards and info leaked online today.


A member of the Pokécardex forums revealed that retailers in France already have information regarding the newest TCG expansion, along with sales sheets and display images of some of the new cards and pre-made decks that belong with the set.  The set, known as “Impulsion Turbo” in France, uses the same stylized font found in the newly revealed English logo of the BREAKthrough expansion, making this a pretty clear-cut case of this being the same expansion set that is following after the current Ancient Origins TCG expansion.


This set features all the current Pokémon BREAK evolution cards revealed for Japan’s “Blue Shock / Red Flash” cards featuring the likes of Chesnaught, Raichu, Noivern, and more.  Speaking of which, Raichu and Noivern are set to have their own theme decks similar to what they’re getting in Japan.


In addition, two new promotional cards have been revealed in select blister-packs: Celebi and Sableye! While the scans we have (as seen on the Pokécardex forum post) are in Japanese, keep in mind that the screenshots for the blister packs show them in French – meaning we’re more than likely getting these in English as well.

The BREAKthrough TCG expansion is set to release worldwide this November, following the Japanese release of “Blue Shock / Red Flash” this September.

Well, that was surprising! That Celebi promo card art looks GORGEOUS! Notice how the “BREAK” in the BREAKthrough logo is stylized after the Pokémon BREAK card moniker?

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