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Top 7 Songs from Pokémon Red & Blue

There are plenty of aspects that go into a great video game; the story, the art style, and the gameplay are among the first things that come to mind for avid gamers.  Arguably one of the most essential components that pushes a game to greatness, however, is its soundtrack.

As a series that’s nearly 20 years old as of this writing, the Pokémon games have some very memorable tunes among fans, and it’s here that we celebrate some of the best songs heard in the series.

Today, let’s go back at the classics that started it all, with this list of Top 7 Songs from Pokémon Red & Blue.

Celadon City

A very jovial theme for the city that’s famous for Gym Leader Erika, the Celadon Dept. Store, and the Rocket Game Corner.  Of course, Celadon City is somewhat infamous for being the home turf of the nefarious Team Rocket, but you wouldn’t know it with this town’s catchy and happy-go-lucky theme.

Team Rocket’s Hideout

A classic tune that really puts you into the mood of making your way through the lair of an evil organization, the theme for Team Rocket’s Hideout is a stark contrast to the happy melody of Celadon City.  Fans who’ve played the original games will no doubt remember the spinning-tile puzzles with this theme playing in the background.

Ending Credits

The last song you hear after you and your team are inducted into the Pokémon League Hall of Fame, the ending credits theme is a victorious send-off to your long journey.  It’s a very pleasant theme to listen to while the credits roll, leaving you with a sense of satisfaction after the tense final battle between you and your Rival.

Battle vs Gym Leader

In contrast with the standard Trainer battle theme, the Gym Leader battle theme is somewhat lighter in mood but with a much faster beat.  And it really fits, too; you’re not battling an evil villain or a dangerous boss, but rather a stronger Pokémon Trainer that you must overcome to prove yourself worthy of their coveted Gym Badge.

Cycling Theme

Getting the bicycle rewarded you with two things in the original Pokémon games: a faster means of transportation on the ground, and the catchiest, happiest theme in the whole game.  Few themes in Pokémon Red & Blue can come close to the sheer euphoria exuding from this song.

Battle vs Trainer

One of the important parts of making RPG soundtracks is making sure that the battle themes don’t suck.  After all, you’re going to be hearing them incredibly often given the frequency in which you encounter battles in these kinds of games.  Fortunately, the music that plays whenever you battle a Trainer is a song that won’t make you cringe.  Not only does it really set the mood for battle against tougher Pokémon, it’s also catchy enough to not get tiring after hearing over and over again.

Opening Theme

It’s the theme that kick-started a franchise, and is one of the most recurring themes in the main series of Pokémon games.  The opening theme that has captivated gamers both young and old, it sounds beautifully coming from the Game Boy’s sound processor.  With plenty of arrangements and remixes found in both the real world, the anime, and in other games, the core theme of the Pokémon series was built on a solid foundation that first began in an 8-bit video game.

Though I feel these are among the very best tunes from Pokémon Red & Blue, every song resonates differently with everyone.  What are some of YOUR favourite songs from the original Pokémon games? Leave a comment below!