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CoroCoro December 2015: Greninja BREAK, New Zygarde Core, and More!

The December 2015 issue of CoroCoro Magazine was leaked online and with it some new Pokémon info.  While there isn’t anything big or exciting to announce from this new issue, there’s two main things to cover: new cards for the upcoming 9th expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and a small bit of anime info that might just be the link to something incredible for Zygarde.

Here’s the scans below:

Outside of some new downloadable codes for the Japanese version of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon and the Gen VI Pokémon games, there’s isn’t a whole lot to cover here in this month’s leak.  However, let’s take a look at the juicier parts of the newest CoroCoro, shall we?

Greninja BREAK and Manaphy EX

More cards were teased for the upcoming Japanese Pokémon TCG expansion, Rage of the Broken Heavens (with the English equivalent being XY – BREAKpoint).  As mentioned in previous articles, among the new cards is the reveal of Greninja’s BREAK evolution, the aptly titled Greninja BREAK.  Along side it, however, is the newly revealed Manaphy EX.  

Thanks to PokéBeach, we now have better scans of those two cards! You can visit their site for what they’ve translated on the cards below, but these screenshots here give a sneak peak of what’s to come in the future.

Another Zygarde Core?

A screenshot from the Pokémon anime showcased Zygarde Core once more.  However, this isn’t the same Zygarde Core that’s following Ash and friends throughout Kalos! Marked with a blue crest instead of Puni-chan‘s red-coloured core, it’s confirmed to be a totally different Zygarde Core from “Puni-chan” based on what was reported on regarding details given during Japanese variety show Oha Suta.


It doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it? Well, what if I told you that this is actually a very important clue on Zygarde’s final form? Break out the tinfoil hats, because it’s speculation time!

Speculation Time – “A Tale of Two Zygarde”

If we recall from previous information revealed on Zygarde’s different forms, all these forms have a percentage associated with each stage of Zygarde’s road to completion.  There’s 3 important things to note here:

  1. There’s two Zygarde Core that we know of: one with a red core and one with a blue core
  2. The snake-like Zygarde we know of is only 50% of its full potential
  3. Zygarde Complete Forme (100%) has very distinct red and blue markings

If we remember the latest opening of the anime, you’ll Ash and crew (along with the red-crested Zygarde Core) stand up against Team Flare, Alain and, most importantly, another Zygarde.  I’m willing to bet that this Zygarde is the very same blue-crested Zygarde Core seen in the screenshot.

Remember: the snake-like Zygarde is only 50% of Zygarde’s full power.  But there’s two different Zygarde to consider in the anime, and the Zygarde Core absorbs the “Zygarde Cells” in order to change its form.  So what if multiple Zygarde Cores (along with all the Zygarde Cells they’ve absorbed) can actually join together?

In other words, Zygarde 50% (Red Core) + Zygarde 50% (Blue Core) = Zygarde 100% (aka “Complete Forme”)


I think we might have an explanation on how we get Zygarde Complete Forme to show up in the anime.  Whether or not this is the case for future games, however, is anyone’s guess at this point.

Again, keep in mind that this is just speculation; there’s no hard evidence at this point to suggest that these red and blue Zygarde Cores connect in some way to create the Megazord Zygarde Complete Forme, but at this point it makes more sense than the initial idea that Zygarde absorbs the power of Xerneas and Yveltal to achieve it’s perfect form (which I still think is a pretty cool theory, truth be told).

That’s it for this month’s CoroCoro leaks! Was that theory pretty sound, or totally out of whack? Leave a comment below!

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