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XY BREAKpoint: Ho-Oh EX, Raticate BREAK, Greninja, and More!

Over the last few weeks, the official Japan Pokémon Twitter account has been revealing brand new cards for the next Pokémon TCG expansion in Japan, Rage of the Broken Heavens” (also known as “Rage of the Broken Sky,” “Anger of the Broken Heavens,” and so on).  Sites like PokéBeach have been working hard to provide translations of these cards as they come out, so thanks to them we now have an idea of what to expect when these cards come out west in the next English expansion, XY BREAKpoint.

Let’s dive right in a take a look, shall we?

Greninja and Greninja BREAK

As a follow-up the last article with Greninja BREAK, we now have better scans to go with these awesome cards (special thanks to Absol of Unova for contributing to this site with the better-quality scan of Greninja BREAK!)

Although Greninja’s Shadow Slip deals modest damage despite coming from a Stage 2 evolution card, its effect is quite potent as it deactivates every single Pokémon Ability on your opponent’s side during their next turn – even for new Pokémon they bring into play! Its Gekko Slash deals 60 damage for the cost of a single Water Energy, but by removing a Water Energy attached to Greninja and putting it back into your hand, you’ll deal 80 damage instead.

Greninja BREAK brings a new Ability to Greninja’s toolkit, with Giant Water Shuriken; by discarding a Water Energy from your hand once per turn (before you attack), you can put 6 damage counters on any of your opponent’s Pokémon.  It’s a move that really meshes well with Greninja’s movepool, removing energy from Greninja to your hand one one turn, and then discarding that Energy from your hand to deal damage to your opponent at the start of your next turn.

Ho-Oh EX


The majestic phoenix of Johto makes a return in XY BREAKpoint, this time as a Colorless-type Pokémon card playing to the theme of a mighty rainbow bird as opposed to the fire bird we’ve all come to expect.  Ho-Oh EX utilizes Fire, Water, Grass, and Lightning-type Energy to empower its moves, healing itself with its Cleansing Flame Ability and dealing massive damage with Elemental Feather to its target as well as 30 damage to a Benched Pokémon on your opponent’s side.

From the outset, however, this card looks to be pretty gimmicky; using more than 2 different types of Energy cards in your deck can be a real hassle, so the initial impressions on this card around the fanbase has been less-than-stellar (outside of its awesome card art).  Still, only time will tell if this card will be used seriously for competition.

Raticate and Raticate BREAK

At first glance, Raticate seems like a poor choice to have in your deck.  Its Ability, Antibodies, instantly heals any Special Conditions that may afflict it.  Dirty Shock knocks-off any Pokémon Tools attached to the opponent’s Active Pokémon and hits them with the Poison condition, but deals no damage.  Seems like a waste of good card art, right?

Well, Raticate BREAK is about to change your mind.  Super Fang takes a bite out of your opponent’s team, reducing their Active Pokémon to 10 HP.  That means with just 2 Energy, you can reduce any opponent’s Active Pokémon down to just 10 HP.  Couple this with Raticate’s Dirty Shock and you have an absolute force of reckoning.

Jolteon EX, Vaporeon EX, and Leafeon EX

These three Promo Cards will be making their debut in the Japanese “Battle Strengthening Sets” not too long after Rage of the Broken Heavens makes its release in Japan in December.  I’ll preface this by saying what I’m sure many of you are thinking: “poor Flareon.”

Jolteon EX’s Swift doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but it isn’t affected by Weakness or Resistance modifiers, nor is it blocked by any other effects on the opponent’s Active Pokémon.  Flash Ray has a unique effect (in addition to dealing damage) that prevents any damage to Jolteon EX dealt by Basic Pokémon during the opponent’s turn.  Considering all non-Mega EX Pokémon are considered “Basic” Pokémon, Jolteon EX is sure to give opponents using non-evolved Pokémon a real hard time.

Vaporeon EX and its two moves play into each other rather neatly.  Bubble Drain deals 30 damage but also heals 30 HP on Vaporeon EX.  Deep Squall deals a massive 130 damage but loses 10 points of damage for every damage counter on Vaporeon EX – very similar to Water Spout (and, by extension, Eruption) in the video games.  Basically, to keep Vaporeon EX dealing maxium damage, you need to keep healing it – which it can do all by itself with Bubble Drain.

Leafeon EX’s damage is all about meeting special conditions to maximize damage output.  Leaf Blade does 30 damage, but does 60 damage if you flip a coin and it lands on “heads.”  Nature’s Breath does 90 damage but deals a fierce 120 damage and heals Leafeon EX for 30 damage if there is a Stadium Card in play.

Rage of the Broken Heavens is set to release in Japan on December 11, 2015.  XY BREAKpoint is expected to release on February 3, 2016.

That’s it for now! Once again, thanks to PokéBeach and all the people contributing to their site for providing the translations for all these cards!

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