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Build-A-Bear Pikachu Now Available for Pre-Order

Last October, we saw the announcement that Pikachu would be getting its own Build-A-Bear doll, as part of a joint production between the Build-A-Bear Workshop and The Pokémon Company International.  Today, the Build-A-Bear Workshop announced that they are now taking pre-orders for their Build-A-Bear Pikachu doll online.

Evil Incarnate

What’s interesting is that the release date for the doll seems to have been bumped-up since its original announcement; the Build-A-Bear Pikachu was originally slated for an early 2016 release but is now on track for a late December 2015 release instead.

There’s two ways you can pre-order this particular doll: you can order a web-exclusive set directly from the Build-A-Bear Workshop website, or you can buy an “e-gift card” to redeem for a “Make-Your-Own” Pikachu at retailers when it becomes available for sale in late December.

The Ultimate Lifeform

The key difference between the two presale items is that buying the online-exclusive set nets you a “6-in-one” sound chip with Pikachu’s voice and an exclusive Charizard hoodie in addition to the Poké Ball hoodie that will be regularly available when the doll releases.


Finally, by purchasing either the online-exclusive or retail Build-A-Bear Pikachu, you will receive an exclusive Pokémon TCG card of Pikachu.  The card is actually a reprint of the XY: Roaring Skies Pikachu card with the Build-A-Bear Workshop logo emblazoned on its portrait.

You can pre-order the Build-A-Bear Pikachu doll at either the US official site or the UK official site.  Sadly, the web-exclusive set is already sold-out in the UK online store at the time of this writing.

The doll doesn’t look too shabby! However, I’ve got more of a soft-spot for the Pokémon Center plushes than I do for this particular Pikachu.

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Images: Build-A-Bear