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New Details for “Mythical Pokémon Collection”

First mentioned a few weeks ago on this site, the official Pokémon 20th Anniversary site has since revealed new images and details for an upcoming series of Pokémon Trading Card Game box sets featuring an all-star cast of Mythical Pokémon: the aptly-named “Mythical Pokémon Collection.”

Starting in February 2016 with Pokémon TCG: Mythical Pokémon Collection – Mew, each month will feature a brand new box set that includes two booster packs from the upcoming Pokémon TCG: Generations, a special promotional card of the Mythical Pokémon featured on the package, and a special pin of said Pokémon.  There will be 11 box sets total, with the final set releasing in December 2016.

Similar to the Monthly Mythical Pokémon events happening for the video games, each month correlates to a specific Mythical Pokémon ranging from Mew to Meloetta.  As such, here’s the list of each Pokémon featured in each Mythical Pokémon Collection box, and the month it releases:

  • February – Mew
  • March – Celebi
  • April – Jirachi
  • May – Darkrai
  • June – Manaphy
  • July – Shaymin
  • August – Arceus
  • September – Victini
  • October – Keldeo
  • November – Genesect
  • December – Meloetta

Finally, images for the first six box sets have revealed, which you can see for yourself here (click each thumbnail for a larger image):

Those promo cards look GORGEOUS! I’m definitely going to be snagging a copy of each when they come out.

Source: Official Pokémon 20th Anniversary Site