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See Tons of 20th Anniversary Pokémon Plush!

Alongside the Monthly Mythical Pokémon distributions and the Mythical Pokémon Collection TCG box sets, these popular legendary Pokémon are getting some serious love in the form of 20th Anniversary Pokémon plush dolls coming to stores all across North America.

In addition to at least three different dolls of Pikachu, there’s plush versions of all the Mythical Pokémon that are releasing each month starting this February and ending in December, 2016.  Standing at roughly 8″ high (except for the “Poké Puff Pattern” Pikachu standing at 10″) and made with crushed velvet, these limited-edition plush have one caveat: they’re only available at certain stores.

Here’s the list of each 20th Anniversary Pokémon plush that’s coming and what stores have them:


  • Mew (February)
  • Darkrai (May)
  • Arceus (August)
  • Genesect (November)
  • “Standing” Pikachu (Later this Year)


  • Celebi (March)
  • Jirachi (April)
  • Manaphy (June)
  • Shaymin (July)
  • Victini (September)
  • Keldeo (October)
  • Meloetta (December)
  • “Winking” Pikachu (Later this Year)



  • “Poké Puff Pattern” Pikachu (Later this Year)

Target, Walgreens, Etc.

  • “Sitting” Pikachu (Later this Year)

Coincidentally, a series of toys called “Clip ‘n’ Carry Poké Ball” that contain 2″ figurines of Pokémon are also releasing at the same time in the same stores that are selling the above plush dolls.  You can see these figures for yourself at the official Pokémon 20th Anniversary site.

They are really going all out on marketing those Mythical Pokémon, eh? Well, given it’s the 20th Anniversary, it’s definitely one way to celebrate all these years of great Pokémon than simply focusing on Generation I.

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