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Magiana’s Official English Name is “Magearna”

Following the recent CoroCoro Magazine leaks that revealed a brand new Pokémon, the official Pokémon site has officially revealed the English name for Magiana to be “Magearna.”  The site has also confirmed its status as a Mythical Pokémon, meaning that Magearna isn’t your run-of-the-mill Pokémon!


In addition to showing a new high-quality image of Magearna‘s anime design, the official site has provided a summary for the upcoming Pokémon film that stars Volcanion and this newly-revealed Pokémon.  You can read this summary here below, ripped straight from the official site:

In this latest cinematic adventure, Ash meets the Mythical Pokémon Volcanion when it crashes down from the sky, creating a cloud of dust —and a mysterious force binds the two of them together! Volcanion despises humans and tries to get away, but it’s forced to drag Ash along as it continues its rescue mission. They arrive in a city of cogs and gears, where a corrupt minister has stolen the ultimate invention: the Artificial Pokémon Magearna, created 500 years ago. He plans to use its mysterious power to take control of this mechanical kingdom! Can Ash and Volcanion work together to rescue Magearna? One of the greatest battles in Pokémon history is about to unfold!

Among all the previous story teases and translations, this is the most complete plot summary thus far.  With this summary in particular, we have a better idea of Volcanion’s character in the upcoming film, as well as a tease into the film’s main antagonist: the supposed “corrupt minister” that wants to harness Magearna’s power for his own nefarious purposes.

From the sounds of things, the hidden power hinted to be within Magearna (the same power that Volcanion apparently knows about) could be the power to control the mechanical kingdom of Azoth.  Obviously, we don’t know for certain, but this might be the key to Magearna’s significance in the world of Pokémon.

The next movie releases in Japan on July 16, 2016.

I like the official new name! Fits with the whole “gear” motif that’s going on with this Pokémon.  Still, I absolutely love its design as a whole, and I can’t wait to see it in action in both the games and the new movie.