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See Every Burst Attack in Pokkén Tournament

With select members of the press as well as Youtubers getting special versions of the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament to playtest before its release later this month, we now have video footage of every Synergy Burst Attack currently in Pokkén Tournament!

Video footage of these powerful Burst Attacks have existed previously, whether gathered from Arcades in Japan or from official promotional videos.  However, with the console release of Pokkén Tournament on the horizon, we can now see direct-feed gameplay footage all 16 currently available characters perform their absolute most powerful moves: the Synergy Burst attacks (previously known as “Burst Attacks”).

Keep in mind that this video footage not only includes all newly released Pokémon fighters such as Sceptile and Chandelure, but also shows attacks for Mewtwo and Shadow Mewtwo, so be aware of SPOILERS!

Courtesy of NintenU, here’s the video footage of every Synergy Burst attack currently in the game:

Some of you might be wondering: are these attacks based on existing Pokémon moves? The answer might surprise you!

The video footage from Nintendo Life‘s Youtube channel reveals the names of every Pokémon’s Synergy Burst move, with many of the names shown coinciding with this official move-list first seen nearly 7 months ago during Pokkén Tournament‘s appearance at the 2015 Pokémon VGC (big thanks to Rad_Dudesman for sharing this picture on the GameFAQs forums!).

As such, here’s the name of (almost) every currently playable Pokémon’s Synergy Burst attack:

  • Blaziken: Gatling Flame Kicks
  • Pikachu: Volt Shock Fist
  • Lucario: Aura Blast
  • Gardevoir: Fairy Tempest
  • Pikachu Libre: Thunderclap Press
  • Sceptile: Forest’s Flash
  • Gengar: Shadow Drop
  • Machamp: Dynamic Fury
  • Braixen: Psyfirecracker
  • Chandelure: Final Flicker
  • Suicune: True Sheer Cold
  • Weavile: Sonic Slash
  • Charizard: Searing Blaze
  • Garchomp: Outrage Smasher
  • Mewtwo: Psydistaster

Notably, Shadow Mewtwo’s attack isn’t named yet.  However, many people compare it to a certain Dragon Ball Z villain‘s form of attack, which is fitting given how frequently Mewtwo is compared against Frieza within their respective fandoms.

With that said, most Synergy Burst attacks here seem to be super-charged versions of existing Pokémon moves, such as Suicune’s Sheer Cold becoming True Sheer Cold, Machamp’s Dynamic Punch becoming Dynamic Fury, Garcomp’s Outrage becoming Outrage Smasher, and so on.  Hopefully, we’ll see more Pokémon (and, naturally, more Synergy Burst attacks) after the game is released.

Pokkén Tournament releases in most countries for Wii U on March 18, 2016.

Mewtwo’s Psydisaster is easily my favourite of the bunch, with Gengar’s Shadow Drop a very close second.  However, they’re all really well done and fun to watch, in my opinion.

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