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New Evolution Speculation with TyranitarTube!

Popular Pokémon video creator TyranitarTube has released a new video with a theory on how the Pokémon series might advance the Mega Evoution mechanic starting with Pokémon Sun & Moon and going forward.

Attributing to what’s currently known about Ash-Greninja in the anime, what’s been shown so far with the upcoming film starring Magearna and Volcanion, and with knowledge of a spin-off manga called Pokémon RéBURST, TyranitarTube speculates on how the concept of Mega Evolution may go further in the series, beyond the use of Mega Stones and Key Stones to produce a comparably powerful evolution – one that just might be the true form of Mega Evolution.

Watch the video for yourself here:

So, here’s some key points to take from TyrantiarTube’s theory:

  • Pokémon RéBURST and its Burst Hearts aren’t suddenly canon now, but may be an inspiration to what’s to come with the main series
  • Ash-Greninja’s transformation in the anime is a nod to RéBURST; comparable to Mega Evolution in strength
  • Power behind Magearna’s Soul Heart might be the key to an alternative form of Mega Evolution due to its creation by “Mystery Science”
  • Japanese logo for Pokémon Sun & Moon show diamonds that resemble Burst Hearts; similar to Japanese logo for Pokémon X & Y showing Mega Evolution symbol
  • These concepts combined with the fact that in-development Pokémon game concepts exist well before they’re implemented suggest Game Freak might’ve been toying with this alternative form of Mega Evolution for some time

Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it? Now for my own, personal points:

  • Ash-Greninja’s transformation is unique to merchandise, anime, and spin-off games; it’s not coming to the main games any time soon due to how its design and origins are tied directly to Ash and nothing else
  • “Mystery Science” behind the Soul Heart could actually be related to Infinity Energy; might be reason Magearna exists despite being an “Artificial Pokémon” from over 500 years ago
  • Crystals shown in Japanese Pokémon Sun & Moon logo resemble the Artificial Burst Hearts, NOT Real Burst Hearts
  • Evil Minister of Azoth Kingdom uses staff to Mega Evolve his Pokémon en masse, but we don’t see their Mega Stones prior to (in the anime, Pokémon that Mega Evolve must be wearing their Mega Stone); can’t confirm they Mega Evolve without their stones at this time
  • If theories that Sun & Moon is a story follow-up to X & Y are to be believed, then it’s doubtful that Mega Evolution is being replaced any time soon considering how connected Mega Evolution is to the lore introduced in Generation VI
  • How would this new form of Evolution replace/improve what was introduced with Mega Evolution; think of the game mechanics, rules, and balancing involved with Mega Evolution in the video games right now

That being said, TyranitarTube’s video is well thought-out and brings some good speculation on a potential advancement from Mega Evolution in the main games.

Even if none of this comes to pass and we’re still using Mega Evolution in Generation VII just as we are now in Generation VI, it’s fun to dabble into theories every now and then – especially if there’s a nugget of truth in them just waiting to be found.

Speculation is fun and all, but don’t forget to keep your expectations in check!  The last thing you need to do is hype yourself over something that doesn’t exist. This goes doubly for “leaked” Pokémon information that isn’t found on your typical prominent fan sites.

If you liked TyranitarTube’s video seen above, take a look at his other content on his channel! You can also follow him on Twitter.

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