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Dedicated Pokémon Booth at PAX East 2016

The official Pokémon site announced that there will be a dedicated Pokémon booth at PAX East 2016.  The Pokémon booth at this year’s East Coast Penny Arcade Expo will feature tournaments and various battles played on the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament as well as hosting Pokémon TCG Online competitions for attendees.

There will be prizes for winners in both the Pokkén Tournament and Pokémon TCG Online competitions, though it’s unknown what said prizes will be at this time.  Regardless of whether or not they compete or not, attendees can obtain a special code card for Pokémon TCG Online that unlocks virtual card sleeves featuring Raichu, the Power Relay theme deck, and a digital Raichu card from XY – Base Set.  This code card can be found inside the PAX East 2016 welcome bags

Keep in mind that anything TCG-related here seems to be relegated to just the Online game; there’s no mention of anything to do with with the physical card game.

PAX East runs from April 22 til April 24, 2016.

If you’re attending PAX or any major convention this year, remember to look after your feet!