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Second “BREAK Evolution Box” Arrives in July

The next Pokémon TCG box set to focus on BREAK Evolution promo cards will be releasing this Summer following the release of the next English TCG expansion, XY – Fates Collide.  Pokémon TCG – BREAK Evolution Box: Ho-Oh & Lugia features the titular Ho-Oh and Lugia, best known as the flagship Pokémon of Pokémon Gold & Silver.

Though the box is dedicated to both Ho-Oh and Lugia (who both appear as special promotional cards exclusive to this box set), Ho-Oh appears to get top billing this set with an exclusive Ho-Oh BREAK card and a jumbo version of said BREAK card.  Wobbuffet BREAK also joins the set in addition to a bunch of booster packs from the more recent expansions for a total of 4 promo cards, 5 booster packs, and 1 jumbo-sized card.

There are no real images of this new BREAK Evolution Box outside of mock-ups, but images of the Japanese versions of the promo cards are already available courtesy of sites like PokéBeach and Bulbapedia.  You can see images of these promo cards down below:

(Click the thumbnails for a larger image!)

You might be wondering of Lugia is getting a BREAK card since Ho-Oh gets one, and the answer is “Yes!” Lugia BREAK will be available to collect in the upcoming Fates Collide expansion releasing this May.

Pokémon TCG – BREAK Evolution Box: Ho-Oh & Lugia releases on July 13, 2016.

Curiously, both Lugia and Ho-Oh are among the only Legendary Pokémon to receive BREAK Evolution cards.  I wonder if we’ll see more in the future…

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News Credit: @AutobotTesla