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Pokémon “Substitute Doll” Collection Announced!

A brand new set of merchandise centered around the Substitute Doll has been announced on the official Japanese Pokémon site!  The new Substitute Doll collection celebrates the eponymous plush doll (a mysterious manifestation created by a Pokémon using the move Substitute) and its surprising rise in popularity over the years.


As reported on popular Pokémon merchandise blog Mikitzune, a mini set of 6 figures (seen above, with a secret 7th figure not shown), plush dolls featuring Pikachu wearing a costume based on the Substitute Doll, apparel and bags of different shapes and sizes, and acrylic charms are just some of the items featured in this set.

As a bonus, the original “Whimsicott’s Substitute” plush doll is getting rereleased at Pokémon Center stores in Japan alongside this set, so people who missed out on getting the doll in Japan in the years before now have a chance to get one for themselves this year!

See for yourself what new items are featured in this collection just down below here:

Not living in Japan? You can still purchase the original “Whimsicott’s Substitute” plush alongside other Substitute Doll merchandise from the online US Pokémon Center.

The Substitute Doll collection begins on May 14, 2016 exclusively at Pokémon Center stores in Japan.

It’s amazing how one Pokémon move gained such a cult following…

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Images: (via Mikitzune)