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Zygarde Event Now Live in Europe & North America

A brand new distribution event for the Generation VI Pokémon games has gone live in both Europe and North America! Zygarde can be downloaded onto your copy of Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire simply by accessing the Mystery Gift option from the main menu of your game of choice and selecting download via Internet.

zygarde event gift

For those of you who haven’t caught Zygarde for yourself in Pokémon X & Y or just want to add another copy of this Legendary Pokémon to their collection, now’s the perfect time to get yourself a Zygarde hassle-free.

The event runs from now until May 8, 2016. Get it while you can, folks!

My guess is that it’s tying into the release of Fates Collide, seeing as how its release date isn’t that far from now and Zygarde makes its debut in the TCG.  Only time will tell!

News Credit: Shelgon
Cover Image: DashingHero