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Special Darkrai Event Starts Today!

Following the Jirachi event that took place over the course of April, the next Pokémon in the Monthly Mythical Pokémon event series is Darkrai.  Starting today, you’ll be able to get a download code a special Darkrai Event Pokémon for your Generation VI Pokémon game of choice (X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire).


Darkrai made its debut in Generation IV with the release of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl.  A pure Dark-type Pokémon who embodies the power of nightmares, it’s known for its devastating Dark Void and its signature Ability, “Bad Dreams.”  Despite its sinister design and territorial nature it’s by no means an “evil” Pokémon, as demonstrated in tenth Pokémon movie, The Rise of Darkrai.

For this Darkrai event, you’ll need to get a code from your regional gaming store, such as GameStop in the US, EB Games in Canada, and GAME in the UK.  Unlike the last few events where you only needed to connect online on your Nintendo 3DS to download, you need this in-store code in order to download this Event Pokémon.

Don’t forget that May marks the debut of both the Darkrai 20th Anniversary plush as well as the Mythical Pokémon Collection – Darkrai special box set for the TCG, so be sure to grab them while you can!

The Darkrai event officially runs from May 1 until May 24, 2016.

Darkrai’s always been pretty stellar; that Dark Void move is no joke!

Cover Image: The Pokémon Wiki