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Shiny Xerneas & Yveltal Coming This May!

Celebrating the release of the latest season of the Pokémon anime (Pokémon the Series: XYZ) the official Pokémon site announced that, following the Zygarde event that’s taking place right now, there will be a Shiny Xerneas and a Shiny Yveltal distribution event each running for one week only this month for residents of North America!  This is the long-awaited English equivalent to a similar event that took place in Japan late last year.

Not only are Xerneas and Yveltal the version-exclusive Legendary Pokémon of Pokémon X & Y respectively, but you’re unable to catch their Shiny colours normally, making this event distribution a must if you’re still missing out on these Pokémon.

Just like the Zygarde event that proceeds them, all you need to do is access the Mystery Gift option in your Generation VI Pokémon game of choice and download via Internet.

The trailer video announcing the event was posted on the official Pokémon Youtube channel, which you can see just below here:

Shiny Xerneas will be available from May 11 until May 17.  It is Level 100 with Geomancy, Focus Blast, Aromatherapy, and Moon Blast.

Shiny Yveltal will be available from May 20 until May 26.  It is Level 100 with Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Sucker Punch, and Oblivion Wing.

Finally! Ever since first hearing about the Japanese event, I’ve been wondering when these guys would make it across the pond.  Don’t miss out on these awesome-looking Shiny Pokémon, folks!