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Pokéfan: Kalos League Anime Preview!

See who’s competing along with Ash in the Kalos League Tournament!

The official Pokémon Fan Magazine in Japan released some new information on some future episodes that will be airing soon in Japan, all relating to the upcoming Kalos League Tournament!  As Ash obtains his 8th and final Kalos League Gym Badge, he’ll soon find himself against some incredibly tough opponents as he enters the tournament to compete for the title of Pokémon League Champion.

Since the Japanese anime is slightly ahead of the English version, be wary of spoilers!  With that said, let’s dive right in!

The Sixth Team Member

Right now, Ash’s team going into the League Championships is 5 Pokémon: Pikachu, Greninja, Talonflame, Hawlucha, and Noivern.  However, according to Pokéfan there will be a 6-on-6 battle, meaning Ash is currently one short…
pokefan kl-1

…or is he? Don’t forget about all the Pokémon he’s caught in the past! If previous tournaments were any indication, Ash might call upon such powerful Pokémon like his Charizard, Infernape, and Krookodile to aid him in the Kalos Pokémon League.

Mega Charizard vs Mega Charizard

Alain, star of the Mega Evolution Special miniseries, will be competing in the tournament!  However, it looks like his prized Mega Charizard X will be up against the likes of Mega Charizard Y.  It’s a battle for Mega Evolution superiority as Alain fights a currently unknown opponent to determine whose Pokémon is the strongest.

Will Mega Charizard X’s Dragon-type attacks be enough against Mega Charizard Y’s Drought-boosted Fire-type assault?

pokefan kl-2

Sawyer Levels Up

Ash’s rival Sawyer has also entered the Pokémon League Tournament to compete for the Championship, and he’s picked up a few new tricks along the way.  While his team has gotten significantly stronger since his introduction, Sawyer has gained a whole new level of strength with his new Mega Key Stone!

Sawyer’s Sceptile can now Mega Evolve into Mega Sceptile! Its newly-acquired Dragon-type means that moves like Dragon Claw have gained a significant boost.  It looks like Sawyer won’t be a pushover in this tournament – not by a long shot.

More Masters of Mega Evolution

Astrid and Remo make a return! These two Pokémon Trainers have appeared previously in anime (most notably in first Mega Evolution Special) and will be competing in the tournament with their powerful Mega Absol and Mega Garchomp, respectively.

pokefan kl-3

There’s plenty of Mega Evolved Pokémon appearing in the tournament! Can Ash and his team make it to the finals?

That’s it for now! For fans of the English version, Ash’s battle against Gym Leader Wulfric is not far away, so look forward to seeing what’s coming up in what is arguably one of the best seasons of the Pokémon anime ever made!

A huge shout-out to MedievalMovies for posting the scans and providing translations on r/Pokémon!

Source: r/Pokémon
Scans: r/Pokémon