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“Pikachu Gummi Candy” Collection Announced

A new Pikachu collection that is total eye candy!

A new collection of Pokémon merchandise will be releasing in Japan later this month, this time starring Pikachu in its sweetest incarnation ever: the “Pikachu Gummi Candy” collection! Taking on the form of cushions, apparel, suitcases and more, this collection has a distinct gummy candy flair.

Even though Pikachu is the only Pokémon featured in this collection, it’s a very colourful collection accented by its unique candy style.  Despite the gummy theme, there’s no actual candy involved with this set (sadly); it’s just a design style for this merchandise collection.

Let’s take a look at some of the merchandise appearing in the Pikachu Gummi Candy collection!

Click the thumbnails for a larger image!

There’s a wide variety of items here, including pens, t-shirt, a cushion, and even suitcases and bags.  Surprisingly, there’s no plush dolls this time around, unless you want count that Pikachu cushion.

Pikachu Gummi Candy collection launches in Pokémon Center stores in Japan on June 25, 2016.

Such a colourful collection overall.  I wonder if this set will ever make it to the US online Pokémon Center

Source: Mikitzune
Images: (via Mikitzune)