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The Pokémon Evolutionaries Celebrate 2 Years!

Up-and-coming Pokémon Youtube channel reaches 2-year milestone!

The Pokémon Evolutionaries, a video channel run by Professor K and N, is now 2 years old on Youtube!  If you’ve never heard of these folks, The Pokémon Evolutionaries create video content involving the Pokémon Trading Card Game, with videos featuring pack openings, deck strategies, card battles, and more.

Along with their knowledge of the Pokémon TCG, the spontaneous humour between both Professor K (who’s actually part of the Professor Program) and N adds to the entertainment, especially with the ridiculous number of booster packs they’ve opened together.

To celebrate their 2 year milestone, they’ve purchased a whopping 50 Fates Collide 3-card booster packs from Dollar Tree and have opened them on camera for all to see!  Watch as they try to acquire as many Rare and Ultra Rare cards as they can…and pray for all the Hawlucha cards that were sacrificed in the process.

You can watch their celebration video down below here:

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I’ve been enjoying these guys for about a year now, so I’m glad to see them rising in popularity.  Be sure to check out their deck strategy and card battle videos!

Source: Youtube