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Steam Siege: Japanese Full Art Card Showcase

Have a look at XY11’s Full Art and Secret Rare cards arriving in Steam Siege later this year!

While most of the Japanese cards were revealed for the upcoming Steam Siege Pokémon TCG expansion, there were still a few missing cards not seen in the official database: the Full Art and Secret Rare cards.  Thankfully, fans in Japan have managed to acquire some of these missing cards and have posted photos for all to see!

Thanks to these fans, as well as other fan sites and bloggers reporting on these images, we can show off several Full Art and Secret Rare cards that will be appearing in XY – Steam Siege!  Take a look at these cards for yourself just down below here:

(Click the thumbnails for a larger image!)

While some of the card scans seen above were taken from various users on Twitter, other scans were found in a video by Pokémon TCG enthusiast WakeRunCollapse! You can watch WakeRunCollapse’s video here as he discusses the Full Art cards featured in the Japanese equivalents to Steam Siege, “Fever-Burst Fighter” and “Cruel Traitor.”

Pokémon TCG: XY – Steam Siege releases on August 3, 2016.

The critique of the Steam Siege Gardevoir’s Full Art card being too similar to its Full Art card found in Primal Clash is a fair one to make, as both cards feature Gardevoir in a similar profile with their left arm stretched outward.  That being said, I do think the almost haughty-like expression as well as the closer viewpoint of the card makes up for its similarities.

News Credit: @AutobotTesla
Card Scans: @xrowgu, @mikkun_poke, WakeRunCollapse