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UnlistedLeaf Donates Over 20,000 Pokémon Cards!

One Pokétuber donates thousands of Pokémon cards to a children’s hospital!

After reaching the 700,000 subscriber mark on his Youtube channel, popular Pokémon Youtuber UnlistedLeaf celebrates this milestone by donating a large amount of Pokémon cards to good cause.   Over 20,000 Pokémon cards from his personal collection were bundled up and given to kids at a local Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Australia.

A video commemorating the milestone was made, which aired on UnlistedLeaf’s Youtube channel.  You can see the sheer volume of Pokémon cards occupying the trunk of his car, which he personally delivers to the nearby children’s hospital.

In the video, he gives a reason why he’s donating this massive haul to charity: “…I’m in this crazy position where I have so many Pokémon cards and they’re just going to get so much more enjoyment out of them than I am, so I thought ‘let’s donate over 20,000 Pokémon cards to the children in need over there.'”

Watch the event unfold in the video below:

Good to see UnlistedLeaf giving back to the community! Given that there’s a multitude of ways he could’ve sold off those cards and made more money on the side, the fact he donated such a massive collection to children in need speaks volumes of this gesture.

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Source: Youtube