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Summer Games Done Quick 2016 This Sunday!

Watch gamers speedrun games and raise money for charity!

Full Disclosure: I’ve personally donated money to this charity marathon in previous years.

The latest installment of the semi-annual Games Done Quick charity marathon, Summer Games Done Quick 2016, starts this weekend! Members from the speedrunning community join forces to race through as many games as possible in this non-stop gaming marathon running for an entire week on

Watch gamers demonstrate skill and expertise as they play through a variety of games for 24 hours each day of the marathon, taking donations from viewers as they raise funds for Doctors Without Borders.

There is currently one Pokémon game being played in this marathon, and it’s a four-way race to the finish Pokémon Red & Blue without using any glitches – truly the ultimate gauntlet for fans of the original games!  Even then, it’s worth checking out the other games being played during the marathon just to see how these speedrunners in action.

As always, there are tons of donation incentives and chances to win prizes all throughout the marathon, so there’s plenty of reasons to donate during this event.

If you’ve never seen a Games Done Quick in action, you can catch up on previous marathons at the official Games Done Quick Youtube channel.

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 runs from July 3 until July 10, 2016.

Big shout-outs to all the runners and event organizers each year who help make this and every other GDQ marathon possible each year!

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