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Make your own Poké Puffs with “Feast of Fiction”

Watch how you can make your own Poké Puffs just like the ones featured in Pokémon-Amie!

Feast of Fiction, a Youtube channel that specializes in making real life food based on fantasy meals, showcased a new recipe from the world of Pokémon: the Poké Puff!  Hosts Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams show how you can make delectable pastries based on the Poké Puffs used to help raise a Pokémon’s affection in the Pokémon-Amie sub game.

You can watch their video down here:

The list of ingredients will be posted here when they’re available, but Feast of Fiction does make mention about how easy it is to alter the flavour of the Poké Puffs to your liking.

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Feast of Fiction has done other Pokémon-related recipes in the past, including their take on Poffins and Rare Candy.  If you liked their take on Poké Puffs, feel free to check out their previous works too!

Be sure to subscribe to Feast of Fiction and follow them on Twitter if you enjoyed what you saw, and check out their other TV and game-related recipes too; you might discover something you’ll like to make (and eat) in the near future.

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