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See Footage of Rockruff & Komala in Action!

Watch Rockruff and Komala battle in this new Pokémon Sun & Moon footage!

As reported on sites like, a new piece of gameplay footage showcasing Rockruff and Komala was seen at the Pokémon National Championships being held in Hong Kong.  With much of the focus being on the US Pokémon National Championships in Ohio this past weekend, this footage would’ve gone completely under the radar had it not been for some keen-eyed fans ready to record this footage and share it for all to see.

For fans of Rockruff and Komala, this is a good opportunity to get a first-glimpse at these two new Pokémon in action!  Watch the video footage down below here:

From this video, it looks like we have a better view of what the intro sequence to the game looks like (a tradition among games where the region’s Pokémon Professor introduces you to the region) as well as a look at how some of the attack animations have been tweaked since Generation VI’s Pokémon entries.  It looks like Rockruff is using Bite, while Komala appears to be using Slam in battle.  Komala also demonstrates its Ability, Comatose, negating the Electabuzz’s attempt to paralyze it.

Speaking of which, both Electabuzz and Arcanine make an appearance! Whether or not this means they’re found in the game or if they were brought into this gameplay footage just for show is currently unknown at this time.

Pokémon Sun & Moon releases on November 18, 2016.

That music being showcased during Prof Kukui’s intro was excellent, and I can’t wait to hear more of what this game’s soundtrack has to offer.

Source:, Youtube