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Ash’s Final Pokémon for Kalos League Revealed!

The sixth Pokémon to join Ash in his Kalos League battles has been revealed!

The most recent episode of Pokémon the Series: XYZ aired in Japan, and a pretty important event occurs with Ash, revealing who his sixth and likely final Pokémon to be on his team for this season.  This addition fills all slots on his party as the Kalos League Championship heads closer and closer to the finals – a necessity since the latter parts of the tournament require use of all six Pokémon on a Trainer’s team.

Below this point are spoilers for an episode that has not aired yet in English for the Pokémon anime.


You sure?

Last chance to turn back!

Okay then…

Making its surprise return to the roster is Goodra! While Ash originally said goodbye to one of his most powerful Pokémon caught in his adventure through Kalos, Ash meets with Goodra near the end of this recent episode, asking it to rejoin his team at least once more for the Kalos League tournament.

Goodra Ash 1

With a heartfelt embrace, Goodra accepts Ash’s request.

Goodra Ash 2

Pikachu, Greninja, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Noivern, and Goodra are together at last! Not since the Diamond & Pearl era of the series has Ash had such a lineup of powerful Pokémon! But as Ash enters the semi-finals at the Lumiose Conference, will this team be enough to claim victory and become champion of the Kalos League? Only time will tell!

Goodra Team 1

Regardless, for fans of Goodra who lamented Ash letting it go to protect the Wetlands in the anime, this will certainly be a welcome surprise – and something to look forward to in the English version of the show!

This is definitely shaping up to be an amazing set of league episodes, especially with all the opponents in the tournament that we’ve seen throughout this season.

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