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A Look at the TOMY Mewtwo Action Figure!

Take a detailed look at a new action figure based on Mewtwo!

With all the usual focus on what Japan’s getting for their Pokémon merchandise, it’s important to remember that there’s plenty of Pokémon merch to be had outside of Japan as well! Thanks to Daniel LeBlanc (a.k.a. leblanc116 on Instagram and Youtube), we’ve now got a video review of one of these figures that’s made its way onto western shores: a Mewtwo action figure by TOMY!

For those of you who’ve wanted your very own Mewtwo figure but felt as though something like Bandai’s D-Arts Mewtwo was out of your price range, this figure might be just what you’re looking for!

You can watch the full review down below here:

Leblanc116 has done reviews of Pokémon figures in the past, including this Machamp figure that’s part of the same TOMY action figure line as the Mewtwo action figure seen above.  He recently covered the Ash and Pikachu figure exclusive to San Diego Comic Con 2016, which you can view just below here:

Finally, leblanc116 has taken photos of the new Mewtwo action figure for us to see, which you can see for yourself just beneath here.  Take a look at how the figure stands up to the likes of other Pokémon in this same action figure series:

(Click the thumbnails for a larger image!)

The TOMY Mewtwo Action Figure should be available at most toy retailers in August, though some outlets are selling them early; check your local retailers for more accurate information!

Once again, a big shout-out to Daniel LeBlanc who sent in his video and photos to the Facebook Page! If you liked what you saw here, be sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!