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Pokémon Z-Ring Toy Set Releasing this Fall!

Electronic bracelet based on Pokémon Sun & Moon accessory launching later this year!

Liked the bracelet the main characters are using in Pokémon Sun & Moon? Now you can have a real-life Z-Ring of your very own! First mentioned on the official Pokémon Sun & Moon site, the Z-Ring is making its way to retailers such as Amazon and GameStop.  This set comes with the Z-Ring device, 3 Z-Crystals, and a 2” Pikachu figure, as seen in the picture below.

Z-Ring 1

Source: Amazon

The Z-Ring device reportedly connects with your Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Sun & Moon games, reacting with bright lights and vibrations whenever you perform an in-game Z-Move, a new game mechanic to the series that’s all about unleashing devastating once-per-battle attacks.  Your in-game Trainer strikes dynamic poses based on the Z-Crystal that’s affixed to both their Z-Ring and another Pokémon in order to perform a Z-Move, and the real-life version of the device reacts accordingly.

Much like the in-game Z-Ring, there are Z-Crystals you can attach to the real-world equivalent, with slots to hold additional crystals.  There’s a total of 18 Z-Crystals to collect – one for every type of Pokémon, and the set gives you 3 crystals alongside the eponymous ring bracelet itself.

Z-Ring 2

Source: Amazon

Ads for the device in Japan go one step further, however: since the real-life ring and the crystals are based on what appears in Pokémon Sun & Moon, the flyer actually reveals what all 18 Z-Crystals will look like in-game.  Note the uniform shapes and differentiating colours in addition to their symbols representing each type.

No definitive release date is available at this time, as the retailers previously listed carry different release dates.  You can, however, preorder from the retailers listed above.

Still, with all this talk of the Z-Crystals and Z-Ring, I wonder what’s become of the Mega Ring, Key Stone and Mega Stones that made their debut in Pokémon X & Y.  Will they make a return, or are we moving forward with the Z-Ring? Only time will tell!

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