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Shadows of Almia Returns to North America!

Sequel to original Pokémon Ranger now available on North America Wii U eShop!

The second game of the Pokémon Ranger series returns to North America! Originally released back in 2008 for the Nintendo DS, Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia is now available as a Virtual Console title on the Nintendo Wii U eShop.

Fans may recall that this game and its sequel, Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs, released in Europe on the eShop a few months ago, and now it appears that the time has come for these games to appear in North America once more.  Courtesy of the official site, here’s a brief synopsis of the game:

Join the Pokémon Rangers to help keep the peace between humans and Pokémon in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia. Start out as a young recruit, then work your way up to the level of Top Ranger. Ensnare speedy Pokémon on the Touch Screen using your stylus with the Capture Styler, thus restoring peace and calm.

Not everyone wants to see peace in Almia, however. Team Dim Sun, led by the mysterious character Ice, is up to no good. They’re agitating the Pokémon, making Almia more dangerous and your job a whole lot tougher.

You’ll have plenty of help in your mission to investigate Team Dim Sun. Professor Hastings, the inventor of the Capture Styler, will explain the basics, then you can head to the Ranger School to learn all there is to know about being among their ranks. And, if you create a strong enough bond with a Pokémon, it will help you in battle as much as possible without leaving your side.

You can watch a video walkthrough of the game by SolStickFigures here:

Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia is available now for $9.99 USD on the North America Wii U eShop.

Great to see the sequel has finally come to our shores! Hopefully we’ll see Guardian Signs arrive in North America soon enough!

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