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Song of the Week #5 – “Pokémon Theme”

This week’s music track: “Pokémon Theme” from the Pokémon anime!

A few weeks ago I covered the first opening theme for the Pokémon anime in Japan.  At the very least, it should put into perspective as to what Japan got to hear first for its opening theme compared to what English-speaking countries first heard in the late 90s.

I think it’s only fair that, given the recent revival of all retro-themed aspects of Pokémon, we listen to one of the most iconic TV show themes of all time: the “Pokémon Theme.”

Sung by Jason Paige, it’s theme song that still resonates with a generation of fans.  Pokémon Theme manages to hold up not only as a fantastic Pokémon opening theme but also a great theme in general, ranking highly among the pantheon of great TV show themes and show tunes from the era.

I’ve even encountered full-grown adults who haven’t been following the Pokémon franchise for years who still think back fondly to this theme – it’s left that much of an impact on people.

Recently, with Pokémon GO putting the franchise back in the light of the mainstream audience, we’ve seen a resurgence of interest in what made Pokémon so memorable to those who grew up in the 90s.  Just recently, Jason Paige rerecorded himself singing the full version of the Pokémon Theme once more.

I think it’s safe to say that, after nearly 18 years, he’s still got it.

Tune in every Friday for a new installment of Song of the Week, where we listen to songs and tunes spanning all mediums from the world of Pokémon!