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Steam Siege TCG Expansion Now Available!

Latest expansion for the Pokémon Trading Card Game has officially launched!

The latest expansion of the Pokémon TCG, XY – Steam Siege, is now officially released in most English-speaking countries!

The official Pokémon Youtube channel has released a new video showcasing some of the new cards appearing in this set, including how the dual-type Pokémon cards can be utilized in battle!  Watch it down below here:

Finally, a new mini-site dedicated to the new expansion has launched! You can read up on some strategies involving some of the new cards appearing in Steam Siege, see the new ad and movie trailer, as well  details on how to get Volcanion onto your Generation VI Pokémon games and more.

If you want a glimpse of all the cards, you can see nearly all the Japanese cards here and here.  Alternatively, you can view the English card database over at the official Pokémon site, which has now expanded to feature every card available from Steam Siege (barring the Secret Rare cards, of course).

I never realized just how evil that M Gardevoir EX is in Steam Siege; it’s willing to literally discard its teammates to gain more power.  I guess I finally understand what the Cruel Traitor stood for in the Japanese title!