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CoroCoro September 2016: More Alola Pokémon!

New Alola Forms and brand new Pokémon revealed in this month’s issue!

UPDATE: A new scan was revealed the next day, revealing a brand new Pokémon: Namakobushi! You can view this latest scan down below.

The latest issue of CoroCoro Magazine was leaked today, showcasing new images of Pokémon making their debut in Pokémon Sun & Moon! While we got our first glimpse of the new Alola Form Pokémon last week, even more Alola Form Pokémon have appeared alongside brand new Pokémon in this month’s issue.

Let’s take a look at some of the newly revealed Pokémon in this month’s CoroCoro Magazine, shall we?

(Click the scans for a larger image!)

CoroCoro Sept2016 3

Yep! Alolan Exeggutor strikes again! Not even CoroCoro Magazine is safe from its utterly bizarre appeal.  But that’s not why we’re here today!  Showcased alongside Alolan Exeggutor is the first-ever images of Alolan Meowth and Alolan Marowak!

Marowak’s Alola Form was alluded to previously, but this picture fully confirms that Alolan Marowak is real and is a Fire/Ghost-type!  According to current translations, this fiery Marowak adapted to defend itself against its natural predators the Alola region.

Meanwhile, Alolan Meowth is a fresh take on the classic Scratch Cat Pokémon, this time being a pure Dark-type.  Intriguingly, we’ve seen a regular Meowth appear in previous footage.  The big question to take away from this is: can you find more than one kind of Meowth in Alola or was that classic Meowth brought in from another region? Only time will tell!

CoroCoro Sept2016 1

Next up, we have a few brand new Pokémon to showcase.  While Oricorio was covered previously, there appears to be a new fish Pokémon with a lot more depth than meets the eye.

Known by its Japanese name Yowashi, it’s a Water-type Pokémon with two distinct forms: a “Single Form” (seen at the top of the page) and a “School Form” (seen just beneath it).  While Yowashi’s Single Form looks quite adorable, its School Form looks quite formidable! The details surrounding this form-changing mechanic is currently unknown at this time, but it’s worth noting regardless!

CoroCoro Sept2016 2

Three brand new Pokémon adorn this next page, one of which being the pre-evolution of the recently unveiled Bewear, as well as two new beach-flavoured Pokémon.

Sunaba is a Ghost/Ground-type Pokémon that resembles a tiny sand castle, complete with toy shovel lodged on the top of its head.  Shirodesuna, its evolved form, resembles a more complex sand castle, with “arms” that resemble sandy towers.  It apparently drains the life force of other Pokémon to make more of itself – creepily befitting of a Ghost-type Pokémon, if you ask me!

Nuikoguma is Bewear’s pre-evolution, who’s looking more like an actual red panda than before! Despite its cute looks, it doesn’t like being touched or picked up – ironic, given that Bewear likes giving hugs (of the bone-crushing variety).  Like Bewear, Nuikoguma is a Normal/Fighting-type.

CoroCoro Sept2016 4

We’ve seen Rockruff before but, according to, this page is letting people know that next month’s CoroCoro Magazine will reveal Rockruff’s “Secret Evolution.”  This isn’t the first time we’ve been teased by a “secret” involving this Pokémon – in fact, the three starter Pokémon (Rowlet, Popplio, and Litten) are also supposed to have a secret of some kind, if that issue of CoroCoro is anything to go by.

That’s not all, though; this page reveals the first images of the new evil team that’s in Pokémon Sun & Moon, Team Skull (no, not that Team Skull)!  Alongside what are likely Grunts, we now know two key members of Team Skull: Purumeri (the woman with the pigtails) and Guzuma (guy with the weird glasses), the latter of which happens to be the Team Leader.  Not much else is known about these villains at this time.

CoroCoro Sept2016 5

The final page for this month’s issue does a quick recap of some of the new Pokémon revealed so far in Pokémon Sun & Moon.  However, to the left of Togedemaru, we see a brand new Pokémon: Namakobushi, a sea cucumber Pokémon! Not much else is known about this Pokémon, other than the fact that (according to it attacks by shooting out its insides and using them like a fist.

Yes, you read that last part right.

That’s it for this month’s CoroCoro leaks! I’m still loving what Sun & Moon have to offer for new Pokémon so far; aside from that new Alolan Meowth, that sand castle Pokémon’s such a cool concept, as well as that school-of-fish Pokémon.  I want to see more of what Alola has to offer!

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