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Song of the Week #6 – “Battle! Gym Leader” (D/P/Pt)

This week’s music track: “Battle! Gym Leader” from Pokémon Diamond & Pearl!

I’ll admit: it took me a while to get acclimated to Pokémon Diamond & Pearls soundtrack when the games first came out.  After hearing all the bombastic, high-energy themes that came from the Generation III Pokémon games preceding them, hearing Diamond & Pearl’s more subdued and atmospheric melodies took some getting used to – at least for me, anyway.

But, as I kept playing the games, the music (like everything else Sinnoh had to offer) really grew on me, to the point where everything began to gel really well to make the whole experience worthwhile.

Among those songs that I initially wasn’t into but came to appreciate overtime was Battle! Gym Leader, the eponymous battle theme for the Gym Leaders of Sinnoh.

Some Gym Leader themes convey the feeling of a difficult and dangerous battle, while others sometimes convey a more lighthearted but no less competitive vibe.  Junichi Masuda‘s take on Battle! Gym Leader, however, makes for a very intense, almost epic-sounding theme; it’s almost like the theme to a gladiator battle between powerful Pokémon!

Considering how much I gush over Ruby & Sapphire and FireRed & LeafGreen‘s Gym Battle themes, this tonal shift that came with Diamond & Pearl took some getting used to.  But soon enough, I came to love it.  It really fits with the rest of the soundtrack, and makes for a battle theme befitting the challenging Gym Leaders you face in the Sinnoh region.

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