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Sun & Moon: Turtonator is Revealed!

Brand new Pokémon made its debut during Gamescom 2016!

During a presentation held at Gamescom yesterday, new footage of Pokémon Sun & Moon was showcased live.  As such, a brand new Pokémon was revealed for the first time to the world: the explosive turtle-like creature, Turtonator!

Not long after, a new video showcasing Turtonator was posted on Youtube on the official Pokémon channel.  See this new Pokémon’s combustive capabilities in the newly revealed trailer here:

Following its reveal, the official Pokémon Sun & Moon minisite updated its pages with more info about this new Pokémon, which we’ll go over here.


Name: Turtonator
Category: “Blast Turtle” Pokémon
Height: 6’07”
Weight: 467.4 lbs.
Type: Fire/Dragon
Ability: Shell Armor

Because Turtonator lives on volcanoes, feeding on sulfur and other materials found near volcanic craters, its shell has a layer of explosive material—mostly sulfur. When something strikes this Pokémon, sparks fly from the horns on its shell, igniting an explosion!

In areas around volcanic craters, this Pokémon camouflages itself as a rock and waits for prey. At the moment when its prey steps onto the back of its shell, Turtonator strikes its shell with its own tail, triggering an explosion!

The explosive blasts triggered from Turtonator’s back are released through an orifice located on the middle front of the Pokémon’s body. This is Turtonator’s weak point. Attacks landing on its stomach will cause it a great deal of damage.

Shell Trap is a move that only Turtonator is able to learn. With this move, the Pokémon can set a trap at the beginning of the turn, and if Turtonator is hit by an opponent’s physical attack during that turn, Shell Trap triggers an explosion that will deal much greater damage to the opponent.

Turtonator seems to take design influences from a variety of different turtles, including features from snapping turtles and long-nosed turtles.  Shell Trap looks like a Fire-type variant of Spiky Shield (minus the Protect-like element of defense), punishing opponents who make physical contact with Turtonator when used.

Note the design on its shell and head: it looks like a cartoonish explosion effect!

Pokémon Sun & Moon releases on November 18, 2016.

It’d be interesting to see if this Pokémon has a pre-evolution or even an evolution of some extent, though I’m also interested in its stats as well as what other players are capable of doing with its rather explosive repertoire.