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Sun & Moon: Pyukumuku Sidequest Revealed!

New sidequest for Pokémon Sun & Moon quietly revealed over weekend!

With all the buzz around the Pokémon World Championships, a new piece of gameplay footage for Pokémon Sun & Moon was overlooked over the weekend!  There seems to be a small sidequest involving the recently revealed Pyukumuku, which can be viewed for those clamoring for gameplay for these hotly-anticipated titles.

As reported on, the video was uploaded by V-Jump Magazine’s Youtube channel, and features a small bit of gameplay from the Japanese version still in development.  It’s not much, but does provide insight on some of the ways you can function in the world outside of the main story.

From the video shown appears that you can partake in a sidequest where you pick up Pyukumuku that are stuck on the beach and chuck them back into the ocean.  The official Pokémon Sun & Moon page for Pyukumuku actually mentions this strange phenomena and how it ties into local customs of the Alola region.

You can watch the gameplay footage for yourself here:

At the very end of this sidequest, you are rewarded handsomely for your efforts.  At the very least, the big takeaway from this video is that earning money outside of Trainer battles is making a comeback, in a way similar to some of the odd-jobs you could pick up in Pokémon X & Y to earn some extra cash.

Pokémon Sun & Moon releases on November 18, 2016.

This is decent tease of the gameplay, but I hope we see more about the Trials that’s integral to the story.