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Song of the Week #8 – “Renegade Meadow”

This week’s music track: “Renegade Meadow” from Pokémon Battle Trozei!

Even though we haven’t seen a proper follow-up to Pokémon XD for over a decade now, the team over at Genius Sonority still find work in the world of Pokémon!  I’m sure many of you here are familiar with their work on Pokémon Shuffle, but I’m also sure that there’s fewer people out there that know of its prequels!

Before there was Pokémon Shuffle, there was Pokémon Battle Trozei! Released in 2014 as the sequel to the original Pokémon Trozei!Battle Trozei! has you lining up Pokémon icons to form bigger chains to score as much damage as you can against wild Pokémon that challenge you on each stage.

Unlike Shuffle, the majority of the stages in Battle Trozei! move at a much brisker pace, and the music often reflects this with a higher tempo than that of its successor.  Take, for instance, the first main stage theme you hear starting from Stage 1 of Renegade Meadow…

It’s a feel-good song with a distinct old west vibe, accentuated by the use of the harmonica – an instrument you honestly don’t hear much of in video game music!

Chances are, if you’re a fan of either Pokémon Colosseum or Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, you might find this style of music very familiar.  This is because this music track was composed by Tsukasa Tawada, who worked on the soundtrack for both of those games as well as for Pokémon Battle Revolution!

Tune in every Friday for a new installment of Song of the Week, where we listen to songs and tunes spanning all mediums from the world of Pokémon!

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