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Build-A-Bear Eevee Officially Announced!

Eevee the latest Pokémon to receive the Build-A-Bear treatment this September!

Late yesterday, the Build-A-Bear Facebook page announced that fan-favourite Eevee would be the next Pokémon to be available for order from the Build-A-Bear Workshop.  This is the second Pokémon plush to be made available from this particular retailer, the first being the highly popular Pikachu Build-A-Bear from last year.

Eevee BaB 2

Like the Pikachu Build-A-Bear plush from last year, the Eevee doll can be purchased with a special outfit that fits it.  However, ordering online from their official web store is the only way to secure yourself the maximum number of features, including an additional outfit, a voice chip, and an exclusive promotional Pokémon card featuring Eevee with the Build-A-Bear logo on the picture.

Eevee BaB 1

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing,  pre-orders for the online-exclusive Eevee doll has already sold out.  However, given the demand for this doll, there will likely be a restock in the near future (in addition to what’s available at their brick-and-mortar locations).

You can see more photos of the doll down below here:

Click the thumbnails for a larger image!

The Build-A-Bear Eevee plush officially releases on September 1, 2016.  The standard doll retails for around $28 USD while the online-exclusive version sells for about $62 USD.

Like the Pikachu doll from last year, pre-orders sold out insanely fast.  Hopefully you Eevee wanting this plush can get a hold of it soon!

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