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XY Evolutions: MAJOR French Cards Leak!

French version cards from XY Evolutions out on the street 3 months early!

In what is possibly the most shocking TCG leaks in recent memory, physical cards for the French version of Pokémon TCG: XY – Evolutions have appeared out in the wild.  Whether by some strange fluke or the result of some shady happenings behind the scenes, cards from this unreleased set have made their way to a flea market in North Carolina this past weekend – well before this set’s official November release.

Leaked XY Evolutions Cards

Source: @TrainerChip

Cards from this unreleased set managed to find their way into the hands of TrainerChip, who uploaded a video showcasing his find.  You can watch this video just below here:

PTCG Radio has the lowdown on the whole situation, as well as provides some personal input on some of the cards making their debut in this set.  You can watch his video down here:

It’s amazing to think of the circumstances in which these cards got to where they are now; the fact that French cards made it all the way to North Carolina is bizarre enough as is, but for the sheer fortune of it all to see that these cards found their way into the hands of a Pokémon TCG player with a Youtube channel to showcase them is as lucky as it gets.

Pokémon TCG: XY – Evolutions is expected to release on November 2, 2016.

I’m definitely looking forward to getting a hold of that Surfing Pikachu card! That full art Dragonite EX, Pidgeot EX, and Mewtwo EX look absolutely amazing as well!

Sources: @Fratoman, Youtube