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About is all about showcasing Pokémon content that people care about.

For many of us, Pokémon isn’t just a series of games, a TV show, or a trading card game. It’s a world that has fueled our imagination, provided us hours upon hours of entertainment, inspired us to create, and gave us a means of bonding with people across the world in ways we never thought possible.

This site celebrates the world of Pokémon by informing you the news you want to see, and showcasing content that you’ll find interesting. News that excites you, pictures that enlighten you, videos that entertain you – this is what this site is all about.

Though this website isn’t by any sense a professional news site (nor is it run by any professional journalist), this site upholds a code of ethics and remains upfront as much as possible. Here’s what to expect from this site:

  1. Giving credit where credit’s due. If I source another website for news or utilize a picture from another website wherever it isn’t made available by an official website (Pokémon-related or otherwise), I will endeavor to let viewers know where I got it.
  2. Giving full disclosure when applicable. If I link content using affiliate links or make aware of new items available to be purchased through sites that I am affiliated with, I will properly disclose the fact that I am affiliated with these websites.  If I am friends with or directly supporting another person beyond simple social media interaction (e.g. sponsoring someone on Patreon, directly related to that person, receiving financial compensation from them, etc.) and I promote their goods and/or service, I will properly disclose this fact.
  3. No stealing of other people’s content.  Similarly to the first point, I will not steal other websites’ content and call it my own.  Any writing you see here will be produced by my own two hands, with quotations properly sourced if necessary.
  4. No linking to pirated content.  While I promote the creation of fan games and other forms of derivative material, you will not find any actual ROMs or other such pirated content here on this site.
  5. No pornography.  This site will not host any pornographic content, nor will it be permitted in the comment section.

This website is not about pushing political agendas or manufactured controversies, misleading click-bait or malicious hit-pieces. We’re all about sharing fun content and news for all who enjoy Pokémon.